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Mission Statement

DMMA is the North American Organization for independent, full-service, full-line, brick and mortar shops that specialize in the retail sale of dollhouses and miniatures. The mission of DMMA is to preserve the dollhouse and miniatures industry by providing its members with tools that enable them to grow and expand. The ultimate goal is to increase public awareness and interest in the hobby of dollhouse and miniature collecting.

President–Debbie McManus
Vice President–Beverly Simon
Secretary/Treasurer–Dawn Reese
Board Members:
Darren Scala

Rosemary Macedonio



Questions and Answers about DMMA

Retailers are currently being squeezed from both sides of the economic spectrum. On the demand side, customers are being courted and converted by a growing number of non-storefront sources such as internet dealers, eBay sellers and Catalog retailers. On the supply side, the number of manufacturers and distributors is either static or declining, offering fewer choices of product to stock. DMMA will offer opportunities for merchants to positively impact these trends.
Membership is open only to the “bricks and mortar” doll house and miniature dealer. The dealer may also have an Internet presence, but must have a physical storefront location devoted in significant part to the sale of doll houses and related miniatures. As store front dealers, our business structures, strategies and challenges are markedly different from those of the internet sellers or catalogers, AND, DMMA Member Shops offer unique and valuable service to their customers.
DMMA was formed in 2007 to give “Brick and Mortar” dollhouse and miniature shops the information and resources needed to buy smarter and sell smarter in order to preserve the opportunity to see and touch the wonderful world of miniatures.

  1. Listing on the DMMA website, www.ministores.org, with a State by State listing, including address, phone, website address and email address of each member. The members can be linked to their own website from the DMMA website and up to two pictures can be displayed in 3 areas of the website along with the name of the shop, city an state.
  2. Group advertising benefits
  3. Special buying opportunities, including exclusive discounts and exclusive product for DMMA members
  4. Participation in the DMMA Member Forum, where members discuss best business practices, trade shows, sources, and more
  5. The ability to contact other members to locate hard to find items
  6. Communicate directly with artisans and vendors through the Forum
  7. The strength that comes with numbers, giving members a single voice to lobby for the interests of “Brick and Mortar” Shops
By definition, CIMTA is an organization of manufacturers. We are not manufacturers. The business challenges facing us are not the same as CIMTA members. It is our mission to work in tandem with CIMTA to promote and strengthen the miniatures industy.
The annual dues have been set at $50.00. The most important contribution you can make, however, will be your active participation with DMMA and its activities. Members should anticipate annual returns – in the form of coop and other buying discounts – far in excess of the dues.
First, join. Under the membership link we have included the application, as well as the DMMA membership criteria. Become part of the “Dollhouse Miniatures Merchant Association” and reap the benefits… It may be the best $50.00 you will ever spend.

Membership Committee:

The membership committee shall consist of the treasurer and two additional members of the Board of Directors, one of whom will serve as Members Chairperson.

All applications will be submitted to the treasurer, who will provide each committee member with copies or a recap of each application received.

The committee will verify and evaluate the information contained in the application, and make a recommendation to the Board to either approve or reject the application.

Within three days of receipt of the membership committee’s recommendation, the Board shall vote to discuss the application. If there is no discussion, the Membership Chairperson shall call for a vote on acceptance or rejection of the application.

Upon completion of the vote, the Membership Chairperson will send a letter/email to each applicant informing them of the Board’s decision.