The Market Place

This Majestic Mansions kit was designed with the assistance of DMMA members and is sold exclusively in their shops. The Market Place has three rooms and opens from the side. Interior steps lead from behind the door at the front of the Market Place to the second floor. A half bath or storeroom is under [...]

The Fairplay

The Fairplay is a house with a lot of potential. Three floors of space for play or displaying miniatures, 6 room, 3 hallways and smooth walls which allow for the finish of your choice. The possibilities for this dollhouse are limited only by your imagination. This is a complete kit and comes with assembled windows [...]

Garden Bed

This exquisite garden bed of hydraneas measures 3-1/2" across and is available in several colors. This Garden is bed is made exclusively for DMMA by Mini Creations by Judy. Remember, this piece as well as many other exclusives will not be shown at any trade shows or seen on any online discounters. Our goal is [...]

East End Bungalow

There are many interesting possibilities for this East End Bungalow. It comes assembled, with a large and small foyer, dormer, windows, doors, staircase and handrail but is unpainted so you can customize it to suit yourself. Alessio also carries a wide selection of window and door styles so you can create a look that is [...]

Country Cottage

This little cottage is one of the many kits by Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts that are sold exclusively inDMMA stores. It comes complete with everything shown in this model except paint, glues and doorknob. It features laser cut trim, turned staircase kit and nice sized rooms for play or miniature display. Made from 3/8" and 1/4" [...]

Assembled Denny’s Cottage

This assembled cottage from Alessio Miniatures is only available through DMMA member shops and includes windows, door, staircase, handrail, foyer and tower. It has a brick exterior, painted cream. It measures 18" w. x 20" h. x 15 1/4" D., plus foyer depth.